Investment Philosophy

Conservative Underwriting Philosophy

  • Investments underwritten to account for cyclical nature of real estate market with intense focus on “peak to trough” comparison and long term historical operating performance trends
  • Establish a meaningful “margin of safety” with all key assumptions
  • Concentrate on opportunities with favorable seller circumstances, transactional complexity or where management expertise can mitigate operating risks

Patient Investment Philosophy

  • History of buying and selling based on disciplined investment principles
  • Wait for “good buys” vs. “putting money out” philosophy
  • Strategy typically based on medium to long term execution of proven operating plans versus “flipping” plans

Focus on Investment Basis

  • Acquire assets below intrinsic value and significantly below replacement cost
  • Strategy created to provide ability to weather economic storms and defend against adverse economic conditions
  • Solid investment basis at acquisition allows for greater flexibility with multiple future exit paths